About The Artist

A portrait is a lasting and touchable memory of your beloved horse. It doesn’t matter if the horse is a renowned race or show athlete; has faithfully pulled a plow or herded cattle, or has spent years as a childhood companion—each horse is unique. Each horse has given us messages and stories to tell. Your horse is important to you.

Annette Israel Artist
Annette will paint your horse from your photograph in oils on canvas or with pastels. She will remain in contact with you during the creation of your portrait and will send you progress messages and images along the way to completion.

Please contact Annette to discuss details and arrangements.

Commissioned Art

A custom portrait is a beautiful way to immortalize and honor the memory of your special horse. If you would like to have a personal horse painting created please contact Annette.

Please contact me for pricing and we can discuss the project and begin the process of creating a permanent memory of your horse’s life and personality.