A deal for Nefertiti

A Deal for Nefertiti

A Deal for Nefertiti is the true story of an Arabian horse. Seized by a hellish sickness over the course of several months she ultimately faced euthanasia. I made a deal with God and asked Him to save her life.

Through an honest, humble, and informative approach, A Deal for Nefertiti entertains and inspires. Through my escapades and foibles, the story is told. It serves as an analogy that since God displays His love and grants miracles to animals, He has even greater commitment to do the same for us. God loves His animals. He loves me and He loves you.

A Deal for Nefertiti is an expression of love and passion. It’s an essay on God’s involvement in every aspect of our lives.

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Horsepower - A Memoir

He was an aged Belgian draft horse left alone in a pasture to live out the remaining days of his twilight years. He spent his time drooling and swishing flies. One day the old horse stepped out of a wobbly wire fence and into a new life. He became useful again, as a horse, when he teamed up with the author, who had always wanted a Belgian draft horse. He immediately began to subtly influence her and the other people who crossed his path.

The old horse weighed one ton and he was physically strong. He was also kind and gentle with an uncanny manner of getting involved in the lives of the people he met. Through trials and good times; through laughter and tears, this grand old horse conveyed many messages about life.

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Horsepower – A Memoir is a passionate, warm and humorous portrayal of an old horse’s life as told by his last owner and friend. Richly enveloped in a series of nostalgic flashbacks, you will find yourself laughing and crying, sometimes both on the same page, as you read about his escapades and ponder your own experiences.

Horsepower – A Memoir has received excellent reviews. It won the 2008 Foreward Magazine Gold Medal for the pet category.

The Blue Bead

The Blue Bead

Set in the fictitious town of Lake Luffit, two middle-aged women, one Jewish and one African American, find a little white horse. The mysterious horse had been forgotten and left alone to starve.

As Hanna and Rochelle spend hours together in a dilapidated barn together they learn about horses, each other and must also face social issues and issues of their own.

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The Blue Bead is about so much more than a horse. It is about life and communication. It’s about relationships, friendship and healing.

The Blue Bead is a strong and compelling story; poignant, provocative and beautifully written. The characters are approachable. The messages are brilliant.

New Tires

New Tires

New Tires, a novella, is Annette’s fourth book and second work of fiction. New Tires centers around an unidentified narrator who enters a store to purchase new tires for a vehicle. During the wait, a tornado warning is issued and other people enter The Waiting-Room for safety. They each share stories from their lives that are humorous, sad, and surprising. Since they are all strangers to each other the only names revealed are the ones that the narrator assigns each person.

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