About The Author

Purpose and dreams are given to each of us and then become reality in their own time and with God’s blessing. Annette has known since she was a child that her purpose in life is to write. Her dream has been to live in the middle of a horse pasture and spend her days writing full-time. This is now reality but it took decades to evolve. Creating horse portraits in pastels and oils compliment her writing and further release more creative expression.

Annette Israel Author
Annette loves all animals. She is a horse lover. Such passion is instilled within us long before we are born. Annette was mesmerized by horses, as her parents told her, by the tender age of one. She began drawing horses and writing about them at the age of five. Her first horse, Velvet, came into her life just before her thirteenth birthday.

Annette began doing freelance writing as a teenager and was a well-published writer on into her adult years. She also had her own art studio in the basements of her junior and senior high schools. She was an award-winning artist at the age of sixteen. She holds a master’s degree in Humanities from Central Michigan University.

Challenges and Responsibilities

Challenges and responsibilities come with adulthood and adulthood includes bills to pay and a life to manage. So the writing and the art as a full-time career had to wait. Annette became a State Trooper with the Michigan Department of State Police. She’s also interviewed Holocaust survivors on film. She’s taught in colleges, worked in domestic violence, and has been an investigator for several agencies. For many years she raised and trained Arabian horses and had an extensive career showing her horses. She gave riding lessons and judged horse shows.

A Risk-Taker

Annette hurls herself into life and into her projects. Every person and every animal she meets is a story. Every situation she encounters is a story. She’s had many diverse and interesting experiences that all provide an endless source of ideas for her writing projects and art.

Born and raised in Michigan; Annette loves Michigan and she considers herself a true Michigander—she even loves our rugged winters. She owns a farm that provides care for horses rescued from neglect and slaughter.

Annette Israel Author

Unshakable Faith

Annette is known for her unshakable faith. She’s experienced many miracles and countless answers to prayer. She knows our Lord’s sense of humor.

Annette searches for, and embraces, the positive and the humor in every situation. She believes that there is beauty in humanity and beauty in all creatures. There is beauty in the unexpected and in change. Annette’s writing (and her artistic expression) provides solace, knowledge and laughter about life. She loves it when people become so involved in her prose that it prompts a tear or a good belly laugh—sometimes at the same time. Her writing captures people and animals in their day-to-day activities and seeks to reassure us that there is no happenstance—there is a reason for everything and a purpose for all of us.